United Credit Recovery, LLC

United Credit Recovery, LLC
1525 International Parkway, Suite 100
Lake Mary, FL 32746

Telephone: 877-762-4122
Web: www.unitedcreditrecovery.com
E-mail : info@unitedcreditrecovery.com

United Credit Recovery, LLC is a  privately held Delaware limited liability company with offices in Flordia who, according to their own website, is a Direct Purchaser of distressed assets and charged-off receivables including all types of consumer/commercial debt including Overdraft Checking Accounts, Installment Loans, Credit Lines, Mortgage Products, Credit cards, Leases, Deficiency Balances, and more.  Their management team has over 20 years of experienced in distressed asset purchasing and has been responsible for purchasing charged-off receivables and assets in excess of $10 billion dollars from Top 10 banking institutions such as US Bank, HSBC, Chase, Citigroup, Discover, Bank of America, as well as other national and regional banks.  According to their LinkedIn profile, United Credit Recovery is the nation’s leading direct purchaser of Bank checking account overdrafts an are specifically interested in purchasing the principal balance of overdraft checking accounts that have been recently charged-off by a bank. Interestingly, they also state that, “we can purchase your portfolio at any stage: FRESH to out-of-statute accounts.”  So obviously, they are going to re-sell or collect on purchased out of statute accounts.

United Credit Recovery’s Director of Acquisitions is Angie Wade of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area and the Director of Business Development is Dann King of the Portland, Oregon Area.  Peter Rosengarten is the Director of External Audits.

United Credit Recovery, LLC was recently involved in a legal battle with another debt buyer, Portfolio Management Group Two, LLC  which recently a trial was concluded in Hennepin County District Court in the State of Minnesota with a jury verdict in favor of United Credit Recovery, LLC on April 25, 2012 and judgment entered June 11, 2012.  According to a story by United Credit Recovery’s attorneys website, the dispute was in connection with a commercial sale of charged-off accounts between the companies.  Portfolio Management Group Two, LLC had sued United Credit Recovery, LLC  for $2 million, alleging, among other things, that United Recovery Credit, LLC had defrauded Portfolio Management Group Two, LLC by selling it charged-off accounts United Credit Recovery, LLC had previously purchased from a bank that were of lesser quality than what United Credit Recovery, LLC  represented to Portfolio Management Group Two, LLC.

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