Stenger & Stenger debt collection law firm and their debt buying entity Capital Alliance Financial, LLC

Debt collection law firm, Stenger & Stenger, PC is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Phillip Stenger, attorney and partner at Stenger & Stenger, PC, is the Owner of Capital Alliance Financial  LLC.  Stenger uses his law firm to collect for his junk debt purchasing entity by suing unsuspecting consumers through multiple states in the US, including Georgia residents.

The address of Capital Alliance Financial, LLC is conveniently located less than one mile from the law office of Stenger & Stenger, PC at the local UPS Store.  Yep, Capital Alliance Financial, LLC’s address (3923 28th Street SE #386, Grand Rapids, MI 49512) exists as a box inside a UPS store and obviously a great way to put a little bit of distance between the two.  The law office of Stenger & Stenger, PC is 2618 East Paris Ave SE  Grand Rapids, MI 49456.   You’re not smart enough to figure it out anyway, right?  At least, that’s what they would prefer.

According to sources, Capital Alliance Financial, LLC rakes in about $14.3 million a year and Stenger & Stenger, PC only a measly $1.6 million a year.  With Phillip Stenger being partner at Stenger & Stenger, PC and Owner of Capital Alliance Financial  LLC, it would appear that Mr. Stenger has built quite a successful debt collection machine.

If Capital Alliance Financial, LLC’s obvious physical existence is a box in a UPS store, where are it’s employees?  Where is its Manager, Amanda McKendry?  Surely, she doesn’t have to stand in the UPS store and sign thousands of affidavits a day…Well, of course not.  Stenger & Stenger, PC’s employee/collectors conveniently do the collection work for Capital Alliance Financial, LLC, all under the guise that Capital Alliance Financial  LLC is its client.  For all appearances, it does seem that Stenger & Stenger, PC is simply collecting a debt owed to its client.

Capital Alliance Financial, LLC is no more special than the rest of the sleazy junk debt buyer law firms out there, complete with an in house affidavit aficionado, Amanda McKendry.  Amanda states on her LinkedIn profile that she was Director of Collections at Stenger & Stenger, P.C. from 2002 to 2010.  She subsequently became the Manager of Capital Alliance Financial, LLC starting in 2010 where she has honed her skills as an affidavit signing machine to full potential.  Just a tidbit on McKendry: Amanda Leigh McKendry appears to be a thirty five to forty year old whose maiden name is Stauffer before marrying her husband Michael S McKendry.  They either live or recently lived at 4535 Brooklyn Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508 and have a telephone number of  (616) 531-9610.  You could also check them out on Facebook too.

Laura Duston is an attorney with Stenger & Stenger, PC who files many lawsuits against Georgia consumers on behalf of Capital Alliance Financial, LLC.  She along with Phillip S. Stenger are both attorneys barred in the state of Georgia as well as Michigan.  Phillip Stenger is also listed as a member of the recently created Georgia nonprofit organization, Georgia Creditors Bar Association, Inc. He’s been busy making contacts in Georgia to assist in supporting his debt collection machine.  After all, when these lawsuits aren’t easily won by default and a little bit of work has to be done, Phillip is certainly not going to hop on a plane, come to Georgia and do the grunt work like attend hearings or actually do trials.  That’s what rent-a-lawyers are for.  Much like debt collection attorney Sherwin P. Robin does, Stenger hires local stand-in attorneys to appear at court hearings when necessary.  

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