Paying a Debt Buyer Doesn’t Earn You Brownie Points

THE MINDSET OF “ITS MY DEBT SO I SHOULD PAY IT NO MATTER WHAT” WITHOUT SERIOUS CONSIDERATION OF THE POTENTIAL FINANCIAL CONSEQUENCES IS A FOOLISH ONE There are a lot of people out there who are of the mindset that they must pay off all their debts regardless of their legal liability to do so […]

Debt Collector Lawyers with Frederick J. Hanna & Associates Show Us Their Pearly Whites

Smiling big for winning 1st place in the Cobb Bar Association’s trivia competition, Frederick J. Hanna and his fellow attorneys show us their pearly whites.  Who knew the faces of such a loathed debt collection law firm had decent smiles…?  Frederick Hanna, short man in the middle with the blue shirt, has a grill worth […]

Stenger & Stenger debt collection law firm and their debt buying entity Capital Alliance Financial, LLC

Debt collection law firm, Stenger & Stenger, PC is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Phillip Stenger, attorney and partner at Stenger & Stenger, PC, is the Owner of Capital Alliance Financial  LLC.  Stenger uses his law firm to collect for his junk debt purchasing entity by suing unsuspecting consumers through multiple states in the US, including Georgia […]

Grey Wolf Financial, Inc.

This information is publicly available and can be found at the Georgia Secretary of State’s website under corporation search. This information current as of Oct 2012. The italicized information below has been added by the editor of this website. Name Name Type GREY WOLF FINANCIAL, INC. Current Name Profit Corporation – Domestic – Information Control […]

La Champagne Holding Company (Dissolved 2008)

La Champagne Holding Company (Dissolved 2008) A  Georgia organization incorporated by Roy D. Reagin, Jr. [Reagin Law Group, PC now McCullough, Payne, & Haan] in collaboration with Frederick J. Hanna [Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, PC] for the purpose of  “asset management.”  The organization was dissolved two years later in 2008. This information is publicly […]

Georgia Creditors Bar Association, Inc. (Nonprofit)

GEORGIA CREDITORS BAR ASSOCIATION, INC A debt collection non-profit organization created as a collaboration among three debt collection attorneys of fairly well known debt buyer/debt collection lawfirms including Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, PC, Reagin Law Group, PC  whose attorneys are now merged with McCullough Payne and Haan, and finally Michigan based Stenger and Stenger. […]

Roberson v. Ocwen Federal Bank, FSB (2001) Court of Appeals of Georgia

ROBERSON v. OCWEN FEDERAL BANK FSB. 553 S.E.2d 162 (2001) 250 Ga. App. 350 Court of Appeals of Georgia. No. A01A1015. July 2, 2001. Madia Roberson, pro se. Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, Elizabeth C. Whealler, for appellee. ELDRIDGE, Judge. This a pro se appeal from the grant of summary judgment on an admitted credit card debt, which […]

Angel Business Catalysts, LLC v. Bank of the Ozarks (2012) Georgia Court of Appeals

ANGEL BUSINESS CATALYSTS LLC v. BANK OF THE OZARKS A12A0343. — June 15, 2012 Bank of the Ozarks (the “Bank”), as successor to the original lender, pursued an action to recover the outstanding balance on a promissory note guaranteed by Charles Merrill, III, Lee D. Gaskins, III, and Eric Fitchner (the “Guarantors”). The Bank moved for […]

DeKalb County State Court ORDER: Cach, LLC v. Cain (2009)

CACH, LLC, Successor in Interest of BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., Plaintiff, v. SHARON D. CAIN, Defendant. State Court of DeKalb County CIVIL ACTION FILE NO. 08A90282-3 ORDER This is a credit-card debt collection case in which the Defendant asserts that Plaintiff, an assignee, has no standing to collect the debt and has counterclaimed for violations […]

United States v. Steven Goldberg: A Debt Buyer Ripping off other Debt Buyers and selling debt accounts he didnt own

United States v. Steven Goldberg Summary of Case: In 2007, Steven Goldberg, manager of Goldberg and Associates, LLC in Florida, was involved in the business of debt collection, specifically buying and selling portfolios of charged off consumer debt. Goldberg made an agreement with Sherman Capital Markets, Inc. and Old National Bank to buy from each of them a […]