Robosigning Lawsuits a common practice for Frederick J. Hanna & Associates

Fake signatures on debt collection lawsuits are becoming just as common, and as dangerous to consumers, as the robosigning that rampantly devastated consumers across the nation in mortgage foreclosures.

Law firm Frederick J. Hanna & Associates has certainly harnessed that efficiency as well in their mass filing of debt colleciton lawsuits.  Even worse, one of Hanna’s top lawsuit filing attorneys if a part time magistrate Judge.  If this attorney is willing to “lend” his fake signature to thousands of lawsuits filed against consumers in Georgia under the penalty of perjury, can you imagine what his ethics are like on the bench?

It is apparently not an uncommon thing for the firm of Frederick J. Hanna & Associates in Marietta Georgia to “robosign” their lawsuit complaints filed against consumer in Georgia as well. Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, PC files literally thousands of debt collection lawsuits weekly in court houses across Georgia.  I mean come on, who could ever expect these lawyers to have to sign each and every complaint under the penalty of perjury by their own hand?  That’s just too much work.  Who’s gonna notice anyway?  Estimates are that between 90-97% of people who are sued by debt collectors don’t bother to answer the lawsuit anyway and become easy pickings as default judgments and soon realize their wages or bank accounts are garnished.

Frederick J. Hanna’s office files literally thousands upon thousands of lawsuits every single month in the state of Georgia.  To them, it’s a numbers game – if you throw a bunch of garbage out there, something is bound to stick. But if you are the one being sued, it’s a pretty scary thing. Once you get served, you look at the papers and everything looks official, right? I mean, it’s got a big law firm’s name on it and even the attorney signed the papers and a notary notarized their signature. So, it must mean I owe the money, right?  WRONG!  It’s extremely likely the attorney’s “signature” on the document is a digital print of their signature or a stamp or even a forgery that someone else did because the lawyer was too lazy to do it.  Sure, that is a much more efficient way to process that many lawsuits and sure beats having writer’s cramps.  But think of the devastating impact it can have on just one or two consumers if the attorneys just bothered to review the claims they are filing.

There is a reason that attorneys should review each and every complaint for accuracy and the notary should see the person sign the complaint each and every time before notarizing – it keeps the system honest.  It provides for those checks and balances so important to due process and our justice system.  When the ones who hold the power,  in this case, the attorneys, abuse that power out of laziness and greed it is the defendants/consumers who pay the price.  If they find it too cumbersome to sign it complaint, fine, don’t file that many lawsuits then.  They shouldn’t be exempt from the requirements of due diligence especially  if they stand to gain substantial reward by filing bulk lawsuits and consumers stand to lose so much.  Since the majority of the lawsuits end up being default judgments anyway, it’s not like they have to really “work” for the money at that point.

Dennis Henry, now former attorney for Frederick J. Hanna & Associates has a signature “assistant” 

Dennis Henry Frederick J. Hanna Signatures

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The robo siging and obviously fake Dennis Henry notarized signatures on law suits filed by the Frederick J. Hanna & Associates law firm was first exposed around December 2010.  A Georgia consumer attorney noticed that signatures of a now former attorney employed by Hanna’s office, Dennis E. Henry, were not the same as signatures on other lawsuits.  It was uncovered that many of the signatures signed to and notarized debt collection lawsuit complaints in Georgia were not the same signature of the actual attorney.  In other words, someone else signed his name to the filed complaints under penalty of perjury and then a notary notarized that fake signature.  This was covered by CBS Atlanta and can be seen here.  Shortly after the news segment aired, Dennis Henry magically disappeared from the Frederick J. Hanna law firm and ultimately moved onto debt collection law firm Greene & Cooper.  I’ve heard rumors that he’s no longer there either.

As far as I know, no investigation into these fake signatures took place by the Georgia State Bar, the regulatory overseer of Frederick J. Hanna & Associates and Dennis E. Henry as attorneys and law firms.  You would think that Fred would be thinking, “Phewww! That was close!  I’m glad I was able to throw Henry under the bus for that one…  Better not do that again...”  Haha, WRONG!

Read about Louis Feingold, an attorney employed with Frederick J. Hanna & Associates who is also a part time Judge in Cobb County. He lends his “signature” to thousands of lawsuits filed by Fred Hanna’s office in Georgia, all without signing any of them! Read more…

Former Mann Bracken attorney, Paul J. Gallo, also uses this efficient approach to mass “signing” of law suits filed against consumers in Georgia.

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