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Yet another example of lawyers who got tired of filing suits on behalf of their debt buyer clients and standing on the sidelines while their clients reaped the massive rewards of mass junk debt lawsuit filings.

The Reagin Law Group, PC still frequently files lawsuits on  behalf of debt buyer companies such as Conrad Acceptance, Creative Credit Solutions, and many other debt buying entities.

According to the Georgia Secretary of State website, the principal place of business of the Reagin Law Group, PC is 220 Brandon Place Atlanta, Georgia 30328 a half a million dollar home in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  The CEO, CFO, Secretary and Registered Agent is Mr. Roy Daniel Reagin Jr. aka “Chip” Reagin.   Another listed address for the Reagin Law Group, PC is PO Box 502287   Atlanta, GA 31150.

Also listings its principal location at this fine Brandon Place home, is Rampart Holdings, Inc.,  Midas Holdings, Inc. RPR Holdings, Inc, Valencia Holdings, Inc.

RPR Holdings, Inc

A query on Dekalb county’s online judicial court records site, OJS, shows how many law suits have been filed by RPR Holdings, Inc.

Since 2008, RPR Holdings, Inc filed against consumers in DeKalb County:

  • 222 lawsuits against consumers in Magistrate courts
  • 22 lawsuits against consumers in State courts
  • 126 Garnishment actions against consumers in State court.

Many suits and garnishment actions have also been filed against consumers in DeKalb county under the following entity names:

Valencia Holdings, Inc. CEO/CFO Roy D Reagin, Jr., Secretary Rustin D. Reagin

Rampart Holdings, Inc. CEO Roy D Reagin, Jr. , CFO Linda Tallor, Secretary Rustin Reagin

Midas Holdings, Inc. CEO Roy D. Reagin, Jr. , CFO Daniel Schmidt,  Secretary Rustin D. Reagin

Matron Holdings Inc is also associated with Reagin with its principal location at 8735 Dunwoody Place, Suite 6, Atlanta GA 30350 which is Reagin Law Office. CEO, CFO, Secretary: Roy Reagin.

Past Dealings:

For some time Roy Reagin, Jr was an attorney with Frederick J. Hanna & Associates (surprised? nope.)

Between 2006 and 2008, the Reagins collaboratively formed “La Champagne Holding Company” with Frederick J. Hanna as CEO.

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