Pro se

What does it mean to be pro se?

Pro se (pronounced PRO-SAY) is a Latin term that means “for himself” or “on one’s own behalf” and refers to an individual who represents themselves in legal proceedings without the assistance of an attorney.  Pro se is essentially synonymous to pro per “another Latin derived term “in propria persona” and is often used interchangeably.  Individuals have the general right to pro se representation.

Paragraph XII. Right to the courts. No person shall be deprived of the right to prosecute or defend, either in person or by an attorney, that person’s own cause in any of the courts of this state . GA. CONST. art. I, para. XII, § 1

Many people find themselves with no choice but to act pro se in their civil debt collection case.  After all, it is the criminal defendants who are afforded an attorney not the civil defendants.  This creates a real problem for consumers when faced with the real possibility that they may have to defend themselves in the seemingly foreign world of law or find the cash to hire an attorney.