Frederick J. Hanna & Associates – Debt Collection Law Firm in Georgia

Have you been contacted by Frederick J. Hanna & Associates?  Be extremely careful when dealing with this notoriously abusive and scrupulous debt collection law firm!

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C. is  a debt collection law firm located at 1427 Roswell Rd in Marietta, GA.  A few other addresses at least known to be previously used for this firm are 1655 Enterprise Way Marietta, GA 30067 and 2160 Kingston CT SE Marietta, GA30067 and 56 Marietta Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30303.  This law firm has approximately 8 lawyers (a lot of Mann Bracken’s old crew) and about 250 debt collectors.  According to ReferenceUSA, as of November 2010 this law firm generated $25 million.

This operation does both pre-lawsuit debt collection (skip tracing, phone calls, letter), files lawsuits on behalf of creditors and third party junk debt buyers, and does post judgment collections (wage garnishments, bank accounts).  In addition to being debt collection law firm enterprise, Fred Hanna also does a little bit of debt buying himself, or at least, has done so in the past under the name GA Receivables or Alpha Receivables.  This law firm files thousands and thousands of debt collection law suits every year in Georgia’s courts.  Surprisingly, it seems that the company has been able to improve their Better Busines Bureau rating to a “D-” from an “F” but somehow I seriously doubt that means any significant changes for the better have taken place with the firm.  In fact, I still continue to hear more horror stories from consumers dealing with them all the time.  I am also certainly aware of their firm’s tactics and litigation fumbles first hand as a former defendant in a lawsuit filed against me on behalf of one of their junk debt buyer clients.  While it’s completely off the subject, I will tell you that my case was resolved in my favor. 🙂

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates was recently busted by a consumer attorney for filing lawsuits against consumers that had falsified signatures.

Very recently, this law firm was in the news because of their falsified court filings one of their mass-lawsuit filing attorneys, Dennis Henry.  Apparently, it had been uncovered that several of the lawsuit complaints filed in Gwinnett county in late 2010 supposedly did not bear the signature of Dennis Henry, but a forgery possibly done from within Frederick J. Hanna & Associates.  Complaints filed within our court system are supposed to be actually signed by the attorney filing them, not someone else signing their name.  On top of that, they were notarized too.  Sounds a lot like the robosigning going on else where in the country.  If debt collection attorenys are too lazy to even use their own hand to sign complaints, what makes you think they will put effort into “validating” your debt?  See a newsclip about this on YouTube here –>  In the news footage, consumer attorney Lawrence Silverman of Roswell discusses the false signatures. He is debt collection and FDCPA attorney out of Marietta GA.  His website can here found here.  The long and short of it is Fred Hanna’s office dismissed those lawsuits and Dennis Henry parted ways with the firm.  The said part is, even though a news story was done on this, nothing actually happened to either Fred Hanna or Dennis Henry for their involvement in possibly falsifying documents.  What? Does that surprise you?

On appeal in 2010, the Georgia Supreme Court affirmed a lower court’s decision that the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs investigative demand for documents pertaining to their debt collection practices of Georgian consumers upon Frederick J. Hanna & Associates is an unconstitutional attempt to regulate the practice of law and a violation of the state constitution’s separation of powers doctrine. You can read the opinion for yourself here.

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