Attorney Silverman finds Fred Hanna firm using false affidavits (CBS News Segment)

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Frederick J. Hanna & Associates says himself that his firm files 10,000 lawsuits every month in the state of Georgia so there bound to be some mistakes.  Numerous irregularities arose from an investigation into some of Hanna’s court filings by Consumer Attorney, Lawrence Silverman.

Southeast Consumer Law Group attorney Lawrence Silverman discovered the Frederick J. Hanna law firm was using false affidavits to get judgments against unknowing debtors.

In this news segment, Silverman states that many consumers are taken advantage of by the Hanna firm and that affidavits filed by Dennis Henry of Hanna’s firm swear under oath that debtors had been notified of the pending lawsuit when they in fact had not.

In this video, Hanna looks down at the papers in front of the reporter while being confronted with the reporter’s questions about his obvious false affidavits.

Sure Fred, I bet Dennis Henry perjured himself on accident just this once….and I am sure it’s not a common practice of your firm…...

How many  more times does his firm get a free pass on these serious improprieties?  

State Bar of Georgia: don’t you enforce something like professional and ethical standards?  

Wouldn’t this fall into that category?


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