Louis Feingold, Hanna attorney and PT Judge in Cobb sues thousands of Georgia consumers with fake signature

Louis Feingold: the new Dennis Henry of mass filed lawsuits?  

Louis Feingold, Attorney with Frederick J. Hanna and Part Time Judge

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I can’t even begin to say how much it frightens me that this man is sitting on the bench of Cobb County, regardless of whether its part time or full time or just in smalls claims court.  An attorney who has been practicing law for as many years as he has should know better than to “lend” his signature to thousands upon thousands of lawsuits being filed against consumers in the courts of Georgia for Frederick J. Hanna and Associates.  Many of these lawsuits on filed for their clients who are major junk debt buyers and usually have little or no documentation to back up their claims.  These clients of Frederick J. Hanna & Associates include Portfolio Recovery Associates, Midland Funding, Equable Ascent, Cach, Palisades Collection, and many many more.

The signatures on Feingold’s filed suits are comical.  Take a look at this lawsuit I find filed in a Georgia.  Do you see the outline of where the digital signature image is?  See how the the lower part of the “g” in Feingold is cut off.  Could this be anymore obvious? And what is worse, a notary notarized his signature!  I understand that people need jobs nowadays and do as they are told to keep that job but what a fraud Carrie Creech is perpetrating on the public as well by notarizing these fake signatures of Feingold.

Louis Feingold Signature Notarized by Carrie Creech


This fake digital signature can also be found on the Complaint on Credit Card Account below.  Same signature, same defects.  

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But you can easily see how this signature can be easily inserted into thousands of these documents and filed with courts across Georgia all without Mr. Feingold getting hand cramps.

I’m sure their client, Portfolio Recovery Associates wont mind this efficient method of robo-signing lawsuits.  After all, it was Portfolio Recovery Associates who got caught with a bunch of affidavits filed in lawsuits signed by a woman who wasn’t even living.  Read more about these affidavits at Caveat Emptor, a consumer law blog by Sam Glover


Even though this is a public document, I have redacted the defendant’s personal information in the interest of protecting their privacy in the documents below.

Portfolio Recovery Associates Louis Feingold Fred Hanna

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Portfolio Recovery Associates Louis Feingold Fred Hanna

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