Attorney Silverman finds Fred Hanna firm using fake signatures on complaints (CBS News Segment)

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December 7, 2010.

Consumer Attorney Lawrence Silverman finds more irregularities on court documents filed by debt collection law firm, Frederick J. Hanna & Associates.  This time, the attorney signatures of firm partner, Dennis E. Henry, on complaints filed with the court are found to be fakes!

Frederick J. Hanna, probably thinking, “Damnit Silverman, Damnit”

Thirty complaints filed by Frederick J. Hanna & Associates in Gwinnett County were found to contain the fake signatures of Dennis Henry.  After being confronted with the discovery by CBS Atlanta, Hanna’s firm dismissed those complaints.  Shortly thereafter, Dennis Henry magically disappeared from the Hanna firm, likely the result of Hanna trying to further himself from any liability.

Southeast Consumer Law Group attorney Lawrence Silverman discovered the dissemiliar signatures and began investigating.  By comparing property deed signatures of Dennis Henry to those signatures found on the complaints, it became obvious they weren’t a match.  Even CBS Atlanta hired a forensic handwriting examiner who found they were not signatures made by the same person.

It would not surprise me at all if this was a common practice of the Frederick J. Hanna and Associates firm.   After all, aren’t there like 400 collection employees and only 8-10 attorneys?  How in the world do those attorneys get wet ink signatures on those 10,000 lawsuits a month?  Would they even have time to be lawyers?  Doubtful.  My guess is that this is probably a regular practice of the Hanna firm and Henry probably made a good patsy.

“Real” Signature of Dennis Henry found on property deed


“Fake” Dennis Henry Signature Found on Filed Complaints


How many more fake signatures from the Hanna firm are out there on complaints and even affidavits used to get judgments against consumers?  

And what does it take for anyone to do anything about it?    State Bar of Georgia, hello? *Crickets*

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