Cavalry Investments, Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC & Cavalry SPV I & SPV II

Cavalry Investments, LLC  (established around 1998) is the purchaser of bundles (portfolios) of bad debts, often charged off consumer credit cards, loans or auto deficiencies. Cavalry Investments, LLC then uses its “servicer” Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC to collect on those accounts often suing consumers to do so.  Cavalry SPV I, LLC and Cavalry SPV II, LLC are also purchasers of consumer debt that often uses Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC to collect that debt as well.  Accordingly to Cavalry, “Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC is an affiliate committed to providing customers with an affordable solution.”

Cavalry SPV I, LLC (established around 2002) is headquartered in Hawthorne, New York. (Address:  PO Box 1030, Hawthorne, NY 10532 / Telephone:  866-434-2996)

In Georgia, Calvary Investments, LLC and Cavalry SPV I, LLC are registered with the Secretary of State as having their principal address at 500 Summit Lake Drive, Ste 400 Valhalla NY 10595 and are organized under the laws of Delaware.

According to Alfred J. Brothers, Jr. CEO of Cavalry Portfolio Services, Cavalry has about 10 million accounts with $15 billion in outstanding balances.  They have a lot of experience in automobile deficiency portfolios.  See the video interview  on January 8, 2009 at with Alfred J. Brothers, Jr. here.

If you’re being sued in Georgia by Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC you are likely see the likes of debt collection law firm Sherwin P. Robin & Associates who gets a large share of the Cavalry accounts in Georgia.

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