Debt Collection Lawyers

Debt Collector Lawyers with Frederick J. Hanna & Associates Show Us Their Pearly Whites

Smiling big for winning 1st place in the Cobb Bar Association’s trivia competition, Frederick J. Hanna and his fellow attorneys show us their pearly whites.  Who knew the faces of such a loathed debt collection law firm had decent smiles…?  Frederick Hanna, short man in the middle with the blue shirt, has a grill worth […]

Stenger & Stenger debt collection law firm and their debt buying entity Capital Alliance Financial, LLC

Debt collection law firm, Stenger & Stenger, PC is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Phillip Stenger, attorney and partner at Stenger & Stenger, PC, is the Owner of Capital Alliance Financial  LLC.  Stenger uses his law firm to collect for his junk debt purchasing entity by suing unsuspecting consumers through multiple states in the US, including Georgia […]

Grey Wolf Financial, Inc.

This information is publicly available and can be found at the Georgia Secretary of State’s website under corporation search. This information current as of Oct 2012. The italicized information below has been added by the editor of this website. Name Name Type GREY WOLF FINANCIAL, INC. Current Name Profit Corporation – Domestic – Information Control […]

La Champagne Holding Company (Dissolved 2008)

La Champagne Holding Company (Dissolved 2008) A  Georgia organization incorporated by Roy D. Reagin, Jr. [Reagin Law Group, PC now McCullough, Payne, & Haan] in collaboration with Frederick J. Hanna [Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, PC] for the purpose of  “asset management.”  The organization was dissolved two years later in 2008. This information is publicly […]

Georgia Creditors Bar Association, Inc. (Nonprofit)

GEORGIA CREDITORS BAR ASSOCIATION, INC A debt collection non-profit organization created as a collaboration among three debt collection attorneys of fairly well known debt buyer/debt collection lawfirms including Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, PC, Reagin Law Group, PC  whose attorneys are now merged with McCullough Payne and Haan, and finally Michigan based Stenger and Stenger. […]

Roger Neustadt, Debt Buyer/Attorney from afar

Roger Neustadt, a former attorney and inactive member of the Georgia Bar is actively associated with many of these debt buying entities suing consumers in Georgia through Bridgers, Peters, & Kleber and Sherwin P. Robin & Associates. Roger Neustadt’s address on the Georgia Bar side reads 177 E 87th St. #408 New York, NY 10128 […]

Reagin Law Group – Debt Collector Lawyers and Debt Buyers

Yet another example of lawyers who got tired of filing suits on behalf of their debt buyer clients and standing on the sidelines while their clients reaped the massive rewards of mass junk debt lawsuit filings. The Reagin Law Group, PC still frequently files lawsuits on  behalf of debt buyer companies such as Conrad Acceptance, Creative Credit Solutions, and […]

Louis Feingold, Hanna attorney and PT Judge in Cobb sues thousands of Georgia consumers with fake signature

Louis Feingold: the new Dennis Henry of mass filed lawsuits?   I can’t even begin to say how much it frightens me that this man is sitting on the bench of Cobb County, regardless of whether its part time or full time or just in smalls claims court.  An attorney who has been practicing law […]

Robosigning Lawsuits a common practice for Frederick J. Hanna & Associates

Fake signatures on debt collection lawsuits are becoming just as common, and as dangerous to consumers, as the robosigning that rampantly devastated consumers across the nation in mortgage foreclosures. Law firm Frederick J. Hanna & Associates has certainly harnessed that efficiency as well in their mass filing of debt colleciton lawsuits.  Even worse, one of Hanna’s top lawsuit filing attorneys […]

Bridgers, Peters, & Kleber – Debt Collection Law Firm & Debt Buyers?

Bridgers, Peters, & Kleber 120 North Candler Street, Decatur, GA 30030 The attorneys with this practice are Daniel Bridgers, David Kleber, Daniel Greene, Jerry Curtis Tootle, Jr, {Greene & Tootle previously of Frederick J. Hanna & Associates}, and Martin Marshall {previously of now defunct Mann Bracken}.   Sherwin Robin, another debt collection attorney and debt buyer himself, also uses […]