Lamb v. Thalimer Enterprises, Inc, et. al (1989) Court of Appeals of Georgia

LAMB v. THALIMER ENTERPRISES, INC. et al. 193 Ga. App. 70, 386 S.E.2d 912  (1989) Court of Appeals of Georgia.A89A1507. Decided September 28, 1989. Harry A. Osborne, for appellant. Wall & Noonan, Barbara B. Barker, W. Alford Wall, John M. McCarter, for appellees. SOGNIER, Judge. Thalimer Enterprises, Inc., and Daniel Thalimer obtained a judgment against Donald […]

Eason v. Troon Company, LLC (2009) Court of Appeals of Georgia

EASON v. TROON COMPANY, LLC. Court of Appeals of Georgia No. A08A1945. 74 S.E.2d 77 (2009) February 19, 2009. Smith & Cannon, Judson F. Smith Jr., for appellant. Busch & Reed, Chad K. Reed, Nicole A. Scarborough, for appellees. BARNES, Judge. On December 17, 1999, CIT Group /Sales Financing (“CIT Group”) obtained a judgment in the State […]

Cook v. NC Two, L.P. (2011) Georgia Supreme Court

COOK v. NC TWO, L.P. 289 Ga. 462, 712 S.E.2d 831 (2011) Supreme Court of Georgia No. S10G1374. July 5, 2011. Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashely, Patrick Hammond Garrard, Thomas H. Rogers, Jr., Athens, for appellant. Beth Ellen Rogers, Gregory Scott Krivio, for appellee. BENHAM, Justice. Appellee NC Two, L.P. filed a post-judgment garnishment action against a bank in […]