Debt Collection

Paying a Debt Buyer Doesn’t Earn You Brownie Points

THE MINDSET OF “ITS MY DEBT SO I SHOULD PAY IT NO MATTER WHAT” WITHOUT SERIOUS CONSIDERATION OF THE POTENTIAL FINANCIAL CONSEQUENCES IS A FOOLISH ONE There are a lot of people out there who are of the mindset that they must pay off all their debts regardless of their legal liability to do so […]

Cease and Desist Letters to Debt Collectors

aka LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE letter…. Can debt collectors constantly call my phone and write me letters?  Well, yes as long as it doesn’t violate the Fair Debt Collection Act.  If you are simply tired of being contacted by debt collectors all together, then send them a Cease and Desist letter. Warning!  Sending a cease and […]

The Debt Validation Letter

What is debt validation anyway? Don’t overthink it… There are many misconceptions around the debt validation process.  I especially loathe the assumption that a debt validation letter should be choked full of legal language and threats.  It’s simply not necessary to do this – just keep it simple!  The body of the letter should be […]

Served with a debt collection lawsuit for a debt you think is not yours? DONT IGNORE IT!

Let’s say for example, your name is John Smith. Surely, there are an infinite number of people with that name here in the United States and furthermore I bet many of them have a Chase Bank Card.  So, you are served with a Summons for a lawsuit and you take a look at the papers […]

File Answer Magistrate Court Debt Collection Lawsuit in Georgia

Filing an answer to a debt collection lawsuit is one very simple way to avoid a financial catastrophe of a judgment that follow you for years to come. When you are served with a debt collection lawsuit, it is NOT the time to stick your head in the sand because you aren’t sure what to do or […]

The Dangers of pro se in the Georgia Courtroom

Pro se means to represent one’s self in a legal proceeding To do or not to do is a difficult decision for any debt collection lawsuit defendant to make, after all, how do you know what you don’t know? Before we delve into the pro se issue, let’s think about what representation means within the context of any legal […]

BEWARE: Paying an old debt can sometimes bite you in the ass

The majority of consumers feel an obligation to pay those debts which they once owed years ago but couldn’t pay for one reason or another. Did you know that even making ONE payment toward an old debt can have serious consequences to your financial stability?

How is the debt buying business profitable?

Collecting junk debt is quite profitable actually. The important concept to grasp here is that the debt has been sold to another entity who is now going to attempt collection.  Just because they purchased the debt at a discount does not mean they are going to try to pursue you for a lesser amount.  They […]